brunton_solaris_6_l Can’t bear to live without your favorite tunes while on the trail or at the campsite? The great outdoors will be even greater if you can still enjoy the little pleasures afforded by modern times. If you’re anything like me you’d give anything to bring some power into your iPod while enjoying a day’s treck or camping in near a river. The answer to your woes is the Brunton SOLARIS i6 Charger for Apple iPod, under direct sunlight it can easily get your iPod fully charged within 2-4 hours.

The Brunton Solaris solar charger is very portable, it folds into a compact package so you can store it into any small space that you have in your backpack. And what’s even more amazing is that it comes with several cables that will let you use your car’s battery to power up the iPod and it comes with another cable that will let you charge other small items like a digicam, an MP3 player, a PDA, your cellphone, and more. All for free courtesy of mother nature, now isn’t renewable energy and Brunton Solaris just grand?

Next time you head out for the great outdoors and challenge wilderness, be sure you have your Brunton Solaris packed and stored in your bag. You’ll never know if you might get a chance encounter with bigfoot, make sure that digicam’s battery is juiced up.

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